SlackJackerz #014 Jimmy SL plays Chicago Tech House Acid

Jimmy SL plays a funky mix of Chicago Techno, House, Acid and Neo Rave.

00:00 Rampage – My Love (Original Mix) Division Records
04:28 SERi – Acid Room 4 (Original Mix)
09:10 Turntable Actor Chloroform – The Roots 2 (Original Mix)
13:45 The It – Donnie (Original Mix) DJ International (Banshee)
17:17 Ben Sims – Something (Ben Sims Remix) Theory
21:04 Erhalder – Slippery (Jimmy SL Acid Mix)
25:50 Antonio Mazzitelli & Joachim Michaelis – Still Holding On
31:19 Mintech – Rock in Peace (Angel Alanis Remix) Elektrax Recordings
36:48 Maria Goetz – Pseudomorph (Virulent Mix) 611 Records
42:15 Reinier Zonneveld – 2006 (Original Mix)
47:28 Josh Wink – Balls (Original Mix) Ovum
56:27 Turntable Actor Chloroform – Oldschool Warriors 2 (Original Mix) Out Of Obscure


SlackJackerz #013 Jimmy SL plays Chicago Techno 8Bit & Wonky

Jimmy SL drops some serious bass heavy Chicago Techno, spiced up with 8Bit Wonky Bits, Acid and Rave. Special thanks to Turntable Actor Chloroform and Monography for providing us with great promos. =)

00:00 Clouds – Terrorcore (Original Mix)
04:44 Zombie Nation – Sweepy (joeFarr Remix)
09:22 The Eleven – The Crow (Original Mix)
11:17 Paul Birken – Depth Charge
14:36 Technetium – Holzig (Ben Sims Mustard Remix)
17:52 Enforming – After Midnight (Original Mix)
20:11 Paul Birken – Factions
24:44 Turntable Actor Chloroform – Flashback 6
26:43 Paul Birken – My Friend Frampton (Jimmy SL Edit)
30:21 TSR – Arnolds Wet Dreams
33:01 DJ Drosan, DJ Mem – We Ghetto (Original Mix)
36:21 Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the Wise (Red 2) (Boys Noize Wild Pitch Mix)
41:06 Housemeister – Session 1 (Original Mix)
43:27 TSR – Buddy Put In The Celtics
46:26 Queaver, Versis – Zonk (DJ Ze MigL Booty Shakahz Remix)
50:08 TSR – Pack Your Ass
53:03 Electric Soulside – Venusia (Original Mix)

SlackJackerz  Podcast Cover 800x800

SlackJackerz Podcast now available on iTunes Podcast Store

The SlackJackerz Podcast is now available on the official iTunes Podcast Store.
So at least all the apple users have a convenient way to stay up to date with our podcast. Of course all episodes are free to download and contain full tracklist and timestaps on supported player apps like Instacast. I don’t know why apple doesen’t support it in their official app, it’s a shame.
Currently all episodes are up on the store.

Jack it out now! =)


SlackJackerz Podcast #012 Jimmy SL plays jackin’ 303 Acid House Techno

Jimmy SL once again delivers current acid house tracks and jackin techno spiced up with traces of rave. Original FM broadcast: 2013-02-15 on Kanal K FM 94.9MHz.


01. Terry Mullan – Is This Acid (Original Mix)
02. Digital Primate – My Bush Would Make a Better President (T-Rek & Spacey Space Remix)
03. Ira Atari – Don’t Wanna Miss You (Snuff Crew’s Snufloor Remix)
04. Erhalder – Zollamt Reloaded (Jimmy SL’s Acid Mix)
05. H&R Joint – That’s More Like It (Angel Alanis Dub Mix)
06. Surkin – Ultra Light (Original Mix)
07. 1928 – Tokyo (Original Mix)
08. Inert – Proekt 36 (Angel Alanis Remix)
09. Jorge Jaramillo, Sounderson – Drop The Bass (Original)
10. Surkin – Chrome Knight feat. Chromeo (Original Mix)
11. Riton – Bang Your Head (Original Mix)
12. Digital Primate – Get Your Crack In The Center (Original Mix)
13. Angel Alanis – Dusty (Original Mix)
14. Dennis Siemion – Cok On Dan (Original Mix)
15. Shadow Dancer, Sirkus Sirkuz – Build (Gunrose Remix)



SlackJackerz Podcast #011 Deeter Bowlan plays Oldschool Rave Jointz & Bangers

Deeter Bowlan playing some of his all time favourive techno, house & oldschool rave classics. Originally aired on April 11, 2008 on Kanal K FM. Since Soundcloud blocked this podcast (it’s obviously too good) we’re providing a direct download (mp3).

SlackJackerz #011 – Deeter Bowlan plays Oldschool Jointz and Bangers (Guest Mix) by Slackjackerz on Mixcloud

01. Shocking Blue – Venus (Original Mix)
02. Cube 40 – Bad Computa (Original Mix)
03. Kid Whatever – Disko Express (Original Mix)
04. 2 Mutha’s & Some Chic – Global House Culture (Bad Boy Bill Mix)
05. Moby – Feeling So Real (Old Skool Remix)
06. Westbam – Terminator (Original Mix)
07. Adam Beyer – Remainings A1, Code Red 03 (Original Mix)
08. Kriss Kross – Jump (Original Mix)
09. Dave Clarke – Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted, Part 1 – For The Floor (Original Mix)
10. Hell – Listen To The Hiss (Original Mix)
11. Jeff Mills – Late Night (Mills Mix)
12. Sperminator – Uptempo (Slow Down Mix)
13. DJ Rush – Get On Up (Chris Liebing Mix)
14. Umek – Prepidil (Original Mix)
15. Jeff Mills – Life Cycle (Original Mix)
16. Umek – Kial 05 A2 (Original Mix)
17. Sperminator – No Woman Allowed (Men’s Room Mix)
18. TSR – Dominate Me (Original Mix, unreleased)
19. Citrus – Fascination (Original Mix)
20. Underworld – Born Slippy .NUXX (Original Mix)
21. Hell – Let No Man Jack (Original Mix)
22. Altern-8 – E-Vapor-8
23. Hardsequencer – Noise Is The Message (Hardsequencer Remix)

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