My lobit netlabel 20kbps has become sixteen years old last December (though it feels like a lot more to me). Origami Repetika and Kai “Toxic Chicken” Nobuko have organized a celebration compilation with many familiar artists but also a few new ones. It’s been released on Nobuko’s lobit netlabel l0bit (the follow-up label to Top Of The Flops).

The compilation features tracks by proven oldtimers such as Microbit Project and Goto80. Not before associated with 20kbps were Monkey Warhol and Irrlicht Project, the guy who made The Houston Tracker, a tracker for Texas Instrument. Also on the compilation are The Hardliner, Atarix, Overthruster, Thrust Pump, c4, Sascha Müller, Waluigifan, mhz_, Consistency Nature, Denner, Ninja McTits from Tsundere Violence (a label I will check out soon), The Lo Fi Rave Busters (does anyone know who they are?) and Lee Rosevere for a total of 27 tracks.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, it means a lot to me.