This is a post about a release I was involved in, in other words: Shameless self promotion. 15 years after we did two releases for my netlabel 20kbps, Das All (@dasall3) is back with another release, this time on the Ukrainian 8kbps mono lobit netlabel 8raven. It’s an over 2h long album called allbum (admit it – it’s the best word play you’ve heard so far this year). The album was planned as a field recording kind of thing, but as the Yeah, I know It Sucks reviewer (read the review) sensed, I failed to record proper fields and just ended up recording stuff without a conscious plan. But to my defense: According to my google research, a field record is everything recorded outside a studio.

After the trip, the source material was used by the other half Das All (who stayed at home and runs the label cadmium) willoc babbyz, and cut, rearranged, manipulated and combined with other audio material to create the sound collages. Finally, it was mixed in Babbyz’s C Ex C home studio.