Last November, we hosted the aerobik radio night with label head Nenad J., Meikel, Erhalder and myself doing an altogether 4h special (I did a ghetto house set which I will upload soon). After our show ended, the radio station was playing a playlist programmed by the Kanal K music editors, while we were packing up. Nenad’s girlfriend got very excited when Anthony Rother’s electro clash pop hit Father played.

While it is a nice catchy tune, I had to think of my favorite Anthony Rother track, Red Light District, a very cool nu electro track from 1998:

It’s the money, that keeps the bitch going on!

Another Rother track I have fond memories of is Simulationszeitalter:

By the way, the next aerobik radio night is taking place 10pm on Saturday, this time hosted by the radio show Galaxy Space Night on Radio Rabe (95.6 Mhz and web). Galaxy Space Night is a weekly radio show dedicated to electronic music and like we from slackjackerz, they started broadcasting over 20 years ago. The line-up consists of Aux Couture (Nenad J. and Erhalder) and Karl Knatter.