Tonight it’s time for another issue of the slackjackerz radio show. And this time, we’ll do a 4h hour broadcast. It has been a long time, over a decade, since we had such a long show. The reason is that we have two special guests, Sebastian Lindau and Stahl, a former co-host of the show during the late 90s and 00s.

I will do a Bologna Jacks DJ special as Acid Gert. Bologna Jacks is a digital label run by my co-host erhalder. It was conceived for years ago in 1996. Erhalder, a great fan of Italian cuisine, started the label with the first release, Discotheca, under one of his many monikers, Sergio Stallone. The next two years saw two more Sergio Stallone releases, Turbo II and Sforza and one erhalder release, Drop It Work It. These days, the success of a label is closely linked to its promotion activities and social media strategy. Being foremost a music producer, this kind of work is not suitable to erhalder, so he mostly neglected it. Therefore, Bologna Jacks has remained truly underground. Partly as a consequence of this, he lost interest in the label in the following two years of 2018-2019 and was almost about to close it. But in 2020 he had the idea to use the material of a live jam we did at the beginning of this year for a series of EPs and he chose Bologna Jacks as the label to release it. Therefore the label will see at least four more releases this year, two of them are already available. The four releases are 12 places to jack (season 1-4), with every release consisting of three acid techno tracks by erhalder & acid gert. In tonight’s special you will already hear the yet unreleased season 3, which will be out 1st of august.

Then, if I understand correctly, we do a live jam to gather some material for a remix we’re supposed to do for SERi as acid gert & erhalder.

And Sebastian Lindau and Stahl will each play a very fine 1h techno set.

The show will start at 10pm CET on the radio station Kanal K.