This is the Genetic Trance owner’s top 10. IMHO, these preferences are based on some common perception patterns so everyone familiar enough with Genetic Trance could create the same one.

10. Green River (3) — Complete Discogs (Part: Columbia Department)

This one connects Genetic Trance with anime enthusiasts. Though no anime on this exact album, just telling. This might be a product of painful lack of emotion for the sake of aesthetic precision, but will we ever know?

9. ONZO — 001

Something mellow, sweet and with an unusual taste. The visuals are my favorite.

8. Ieejas nav — kalambur

2018 was the year in which we released a substantial portion of our long-neglected queue since 2012. ‘kalambur’, a work of the guy best-known for his Noskovsolegs project, goes straight from that date. ‘Calambur’ was a legendary post-USSR comedy show, which I personally find bizarre and at times nauseous. For such warm recollections mixed with peculiar collage-bricolage freak-out this release made its way to this chart.

7. Alexander Chernoff — In Your Veins

Alexander Chernoff creates a feeling of something ridiculously no-fi and yet beautiful and interesting to listen (for seconds at least). 2007 was a year, Bryn Jones could sound very similar if he did not RIP by that date.

6. Various Artists — Antifragility

This compilation was influenced by the ideas of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It was being compiled for two years and is dedicated to the broad conception of draft art. It was chosen for this top 10 because the theme offers interesting points of connection between separate discourses. There is never a convention about the limitations of ‘draft’ and ‘raw’ and in this way very continuous verbal passages are possible.

5. Various Artists — Now That’s What I Call Spamwave

And still, what do I call spamwave? It is when there is no MACプラス and Bandcamp is Newgrounds.

4. Microsound Mick — Durk

This one feels like an extract of the older netlabel days of lo-fi PC jamming. Essential for desktopcore enthusiasts.

3. Silk Rainbow — Scenarios

Silk Rainbow is a project of Zhvan, our IRL acquaintance, who also acts as a female model for Cat-b. Women are deeply cherished at Genetic Trance since our first days of function, though still a bit uncommon for us until the recent couple of years. Silk Rainbow proved her ability to create something beautiful, satisfying and yet an ambiguous manifestation of mixed feelings. Never mind Schopenhauer.

2. Razor Edge — Chasing The Dragon

I like about recent Razor Edge that they install a hologram of intellectual hardcore electronics. With non- conventional sample choice, processing and composition Razor Edge once again triumphs in reaching the uncanny valley of adrenaline-driven derealization.

1. P.V — Bass! Bass! Bass!

Aside from the fact that this release is a gem itself, it is a rare one. The whole Krabator-Bass-Systems Records, the original host of this 2007 release, disappeared. I was lucky to find a person responsible for KBSR on Facebook and this person handled me a bunch of the unavailable releases. What is special about KBSR? — you might ask. KBSR was one of the earliest labels to deal with speedbass, an in some sense anecdotic music style focused on conscious exploring of human production missteps. That is a great issue for me in my personal artistic research, I find it structurally revealing — it breaks the fourth wall with the anxiety it arises in an author thus bringing up his existence to the level of actual presence. ‘Bass! Bass! Bass!’ marked the main exploration theme of Genetic Trance in 2018 — the extremes of outsider electronic music.c music.