Cement Tea is an alias of Brazilian artist Esca-Chan. Although he is only about half my age, he has already an impressive discography spanning dozens of releases. As Cement Tea he has as of today over twenty outputs alone.

Two weeks ago, the Japanese hard techno label Fujimi Industry Records released his mega album Megane LP, consisting of 26 (!!!) hardcore techno, schranz and speedcore tracks. The tracks are of normal length, which means the album is really, really long. Considering that the tracks are fast (no downtempo stuff here!), you better be prepared to get many beats hammered into your head. Cockroach, one of the last tracks, could even be considered partially speedcore. I say partially because the track keeps changing its tempo, making it a great headbanger anthem. The following track, Killmochi, is definitely speedcore. It’s as if the album is feeling and fearing its own end coming up and twitchingly changing gears for a devastating climax. Most of the tracks have a straight four on the floor techno rhythm but there are also breakbeats juggling around, sometimes layered over a gabber bassdrum. And screaming Japanese Manga girls are all over the place.

Some great collabs

Throughout the album, there are many collaborations with other producers. Of those I only know a few like mhzesent and Lord Cernunnos. One one of my favorite tracks is the rave burner tune Clumsy which features gas mask wearing producer Vaenus. Another highlight is Annihilator Pastel for which Cement Tea teamed up with the label boss of Tsundere Violence, Himeko Katagiri. The track is barely longer than a minute but completely transforms itself severals times. It starts as a smooth tech-house track and ends as an experimental digital hardcore magnus opus. There’s some wild shit going on with the amen loop!

And if your brain isn’t whack after this seemingly endless sonic onslaught, there’s even a 30 track remix album of Megane.