Intox Noize is an underground EDM netlabel from russia. It started in 2008 with a release by adam crammond’s c4 project. It has next to 300 releases, not counting the output on its sublabels like In Noize. Looking back at 2018, label head Derex has sent us his favorite Intox releases from last year.

[noize080] Darkside Compilation 9

Traditional series of compilations. Tracks in any gloomy style. Still dark and cool.

[invid018] Neopaganic Sunshine Meeting

Live act. Great live improvisation, recorded on a camera with a 360-degree view.

[intox259] Du?†¥ ? SØUL – Shaman’s Purpose

This guy makes really beautiful and high-quality music.

[intox265] Ambelion – Retro View 15

Master of techno tracks with the next single from the “Retro View” series.

[intox270] 10 Years Of Intox Noize

This is a compilation of the best tracks for each year of the label.

[intox274] Charmant Juliette – Ferme Tes Yeux

Atmospheric single, which is better to listen in the dark when you’re alone at home.

[intox282] Julia van der Piller – Sounds Of Loneliness

In my opinion, the best album of the year.

[intox283] Darksider – Colors Of Dark Side

Best joint album of the year. All the colors of the dark side, it is!

[intox284] Paranoid Definition – Complete Story

This is personal. The result of the existence of my joint project with Julia for the years 2010-2018. Full story will not continue.

[intox286] New Year Compilation 2019

Traditional New Year’s collection, without it the list would be incomplete!

That’s it, folks! But don’t forget, there are many more nice releases on Intox Noize for you to check out. If want more, have a look at its bandcamp page.