Our last broadcast wasn’t live because of the ongoing Corona Situation. So we stayed at home, where we put together this fine 20kbps special.

It starts with a moderation by myself which is way too long and which I recorded with my mobile phone, so it doesn’t sound all that good, but Jimmy has used some nice effects on it.

Musically, the broadcast starts with an excerpt from the Lowdown celebrating 20kbps rec. Deejay Mix Special by the fabulous Toxic Chicken. It was a radio broadcast for the lobit radio show The Lowdown, which is hosted by Origami Repetika.

After that I played another excerpt from a Lowdown episode. It was the second installment of a 20kbps series special. The one and only Matri Oxar from Cadmium edited and compiled it, while I moderated it in bad english.

After that there’s a mix by myself as Gert 1997 where I play stuff only from 1997. I put it there to symbolize my giving up being the head of 20kbps. The show included a pre-announcement that The Hardliner is taking over the label (and it promoted its new url 20kbps.net) because my cancer makes it impossible for me to continue with it (though I will support it a little bit). But I will continue with this radio-show as for more than a decade now, Jimmy has the responsibility and is organizing all the important stuff.

And after that Jimmy played a cool mix-set from stu, which finished the May 20 episode of Slackjackerz. I hope that next month we can broadcast live again, but I’m not a 100% sure about it. Traditionally, we have a summer break in June and who knows what happens with the Covid-19 situation?