Voices Beyond, by the famous Detroit project Scan-7, can be found on Submerge’s 1995 compilation Depth Charge Two. Unfortunately, it can however, not be found on the internet. At least, I couldn’t, sooooo let’s continue with..

Akufen was the first microhouse project I knew. I just recently thought that I should check out his more recent work as I totally lost track of him. Here’s the ambient minimal microhouse track Skidoos, released in 2002 on Force Inc. Scrobbled two times.

From Juan Atikin’s 2005 Tresor album The Berlin Sessions I loved Session 5.

First French artist to appear on this list is Laurent Garnier with his Techno Trance song Harmonic Groove. Appeared on his debut album A Short In The Dark from 1994. Scrobbled two times.