Deep ambient track Tranquil Vapor by Shapeshafter.

The last song I loved in 2006 is one that I still love very much today, maybe even more. DJ Assault has many great tracks, but Yo Relatives is definitely amongst the best.

Already on 1st of January 2007 I continued loving tracks. My first one was Apocalypse Now by Digital Hardcore artist Bomb 20, released in 1996 on Riot Beats. Unfortunately, I can’t find a stream to embed it here.

So let’s continue with Air Liquide’s Liquid Men With Liquid Hearts.

It’s time for the first female to appear in this list (if I remember correctly) and also for the first Avant-Noise track: Nic Endo — Crystalline Circuits:

And another first – the first female group in this list is Le Tigre with Eau D’Bedroom Dancing.