Here they are, the TOP 10 artists of 2018, at least according to my listening habits.

#10 Frank Fischer

German bassist and producer of several easy listening new age albums.

#9 Peter Seiler

Composer of “new instrumental music”.

#8 Tangerine Dream

The most famous Berlin School band.

#7 Igneous Flame

Ethereal and Dark Ambient project.

#6 Legowelt

Danny Wolfers’ most popular project. His music is a “hybrid form of slam jack electronix combined with deep chicago trax, obscure & romantic ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror Soundtracks, Italo disco and such.”

#5 Software

Software is a chillout new age group consisting of Peter Mergener and Michael White. They appeared on Klaus Schulze’s Innovative Communication label.

#4 Klaus Schulze

German electronic art music composer. He was briefly part of Tangerine Dream as well as a cofounding member of Ash Ra Tempel.

#3 G.E.N.E.

G.E.N.E. stands for Grooving Electronic Natural Environments and is a Canadian New Age Band including the guys from Software (Michael Weisser and Peter Mergener).

#2 Richard Bone

Space ambient producer from Atlanta.

#1 Biosphere

With 399 scrobbles, Biosphere takes the number one spot. His Novelty Waves release was one of the first EPs I bought. The track sounds as fresh in 2019 as it did when it came out in 1995.

That’s it!