Here we go again, this is the second part of my ten part series bringing you my personal top 100 of 2018, this time we look at the ranks #90-#81.

#90 Atmosphere

Not to be confused with Biosphere (who will appear later in the list), Atmosphere is a Minnesotan underground hip hop band who in 2018 released an album called Mallorca Chillout.

#89 The Irresistible Force

Downtempo project by Mixmaster Morris from Brighton, has releases on the famous label Ninja Tune.

#88 Magnus International

Cosmic disco producer from Norway. All in all there are a couple of Scandinavian artists in this top 100, it’s a region I had for a long time neglected as I did not realize how much exciting stuff is going on there. I hope to catch up in the future.

#87 Elitechnique

Italo Disco Electro duo from the Netherlands, the country that when it comes to electro is only second to Detroit. Elitetechnique, with their releases on the commendable clone label, contributed their share to Holland’s well-deserved fame.

#86 Fort Romeau

A young deep house and disco house producer from London.

#85 Eastern Sun

As Eastern Sun writes about himself, this producer “brings light and warmth out of the darkness with innovative style and sonic beauty”.

#84 Almunia

Psychedelic dub disco from Italy.

#83 The Orb

Everybody knows the Orb, but did you know that Jimmy Cauty of The KLF was a founding member? I saw The Orb live once at the Dachkantine club in Zurich.

#82 Nacho Patrol

Nacho Patrol is one of Danny Wolfers numerous projects, the band includes Jimi Hellinga (synthesizer and guitar) and Marc Alberto (saxophone and percussion). Influenced by Afrobeat and Anfro Funk.

#81 I-F

One of the originators of the west coast sound sound of holland.

Next week, we’ll look at #80-#71