This is the third of ten parts on my Top 100 artists of the last year. Today we look at #80-#71.

#80 Orgue Electronique

“Has anybody forgotten that in the beginning there was ‘Jack’? Orgue Electronique aka Brian Chinetti certainly has not.” Neither did we! First appeared on Bunker in 1999.

#79 Mike Dunn

Legendary acid house producer from chicago.

#78 Bvdub

The second act from San Francisco in this Top 100 is Bvdub. He is known for his remarkable dub and dub techno output.

#77 Plant43

Kraftwerk inspired electro and techno producer from The UK. It made me a little bit proud when favorited my James Stinson and Gerald Donald special on mixcloud.

#76 Dynatron

Danish synthwave, retrowave and spacesynth producer. Always with great cover art.

#75 Yagya

Another artist with beautiful dub techno output. Like Bvdub, he also does ambient techno and ambient. Yagya is the first artist from Iceland in this list. His Dub Techno sounds like Basic Channel, I love it.

#74 Der Zyklus

One of  the most prolific acts of (Detroit) Electro, Der Zyklus currently consists of Gerald Donald and Elena Sizova.

#73 Spacecraft

Discogs says that “Spacecraft was born in 1996 after a listening session of NASA image and sound mappings from the Voyager space probe.”

#72 The Verbrilli Sound

Electronic dub producer featured on Soma FM.

#71 Mind Over Matter

German new ambient band.