This time we look at places #70 through #61 of my top 100 artists from 2018.

#70 GAS

Wolfgang Voigt is one of my favorite producers of all time. As Mike Ink he released R.E.S.P.E.C.T., one of the greatest techno stomper’s ever. Unfortunately I never saw him play live, but I once saw his brother Reinhard Voigt on a new year’s eve party in the Toni Molkerei club in Zurich. Voigt has made excellent output under more than a dozen different monikers. One of which I like the fewest, is Gas. Ironically, it’s his most popular project, because of its appeal to pretentious make-belief intellectuals who are too unsophisticated to understand the humor behind some of Voigt’s best work. Nevertheless, the GAS sound itself is still interesting and rather unique. As a Voigt fanboy I finally listened through all GAS albums last year during my hospital stays.

#69 Quiet Force

New age band who mainly released on the new age label Innovative Communications. The following song is the most cheesiest in this top 100.

#68 Mr. Velcro Fastener

Despite the name, this is actually a duo consisting of Tatu Metsätähti and Tatu Peltonen. Great nu electro from Finnland.

#67 Art Forland

One of the lesser known artists in this TOP 100, Art Forland has released several ambient new age albums in the 90s.

#66 Tornado Wallace

According to, Tornado Wallace is a “forerunner of the new wave of Melbourne dance producers”, but has since moved to Berlin.

#65 Dexter

Drum’n’bass, Dub Step, Techno and what-not producer from the Netherlands, co-founder of the label Klakson, which is run by Steffi, who will appear later in this list.

#64 Blackbelt Andersen

Very remarkable Nu Disco producer from Norway.

#63 214

214 has made some very nice electro and idm. On, it currently says he has 2.4 million listeners, a bug that may somehow have been produced by the artist’s name. At one time it may have not been realized that 214 is a legit id3 artist tag and therefore redirected to [unknown], which has exactly the same amount of listeners and total scrobbles.

#62 Regis

Along with Surgeon, Regis is the most famous producer of the Birmingham Techno genre. I’ve seen him once play at the Rohstofflager club in Zurich.

#61 Ectomorph

Yet Another great Detroit Electro project, founded in 1995 by Brendan M. Gillen and Gerald Donald (who appeared  here previously as part of Der Zyklus). Donald was later replaced by Erika Sherman. Even without him, Ectomorph’s releases continued to be among the very best that Electro has to offer.

In a week, we’ll by half we through with our series, looking at places #60 to #51.