We’re half way through featuring my top artists of 2018. Four weeks ago, we started with place 100, today we look at #60-#51.

#60 Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin hardly needs an introduction, so I just point out that I once saw him play live at the rephlex label night at the Rohstofflager in Zurich Oerlikon. DMX Crew was also there. It was a great event that was somewhat different from the usual club techno nights at that club.

#59 Larry Heard

Another oldtimer, Larry Heard from Chicago is one of the inventors of deep house (i.e. real deep house, the cool stuff from the 80s, not the boring stuff your coworkers are listening to). He had several hits as Mr. Fingers and together with Robert Owens and Ron Wilson he formed the band Fingers Inc.

#58 John Heckle

An abstract and experimental house producer from the UK who is signed to Mathematics Recordings.

#57 Cybotron

This comprises actually two different bands I’ve listened to in the last year. As you probably know Cybotron was a pioneering technoir electro band formed by Juan Atkins and Richard Davis. They split because of artistic differences as Davis wanted to incorporate even more rock music elements. After the split Davis continued to release two albums as Cybotron, which can at best be described as weird. Juan Atkins on the other hand continued as Model 500 and released some more electro classics.
There’s however an older band called Cybotron that was formed in 1977 in Australia. They played Cosmic, Progressive, Psychadelic Rock and Krautrock. They disbanded in 1981 after gaining ‘only’ mediocre success but their stuff is quite good. But here is a track from the Detroit Electro duo:

#56 Rude 66

Early Bunker artist who later also released on Djax-Up Beats. Sometimes described as “Lo-Fi Acid from the sewer”, Rude 66 had an impressive impact on the electro scene.

#55 Alden Tyrell

Two Dutch producer in a row! Alden Tyrell brought the west coast sound of Holland to a new level, fusing it with nu disco and electro funk. Coincidentally, I’m listening to him right now, in this very moment, must be destiny!

#54 Pjusk

Ambient soundscape duo from the west coast of Norway.

#53 DJ Shadow

Extremely popular instrumental hip-hop producer from California, some of his stuff appeared on Mo’ Wax.

#52 Mark Barrott

Balearic Chillout producer.

#51 Koto

Pioneering spacesynth project from Italy. Later, after Zyx acquired the rights, it was revived by one of the Laserdance guys, who made a cult appearance on the TV chart show Formel Eins.