Today we look at #50 to #41 of my most scrobbled electronic artists of 2018.

#50 Harmonia

70s German Psychedelic and Kautrock band formed by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius of Cluster and Michael Rother of Neu!.

#49 Basic Channel

If I’m correct, they invented dub techno – at least I don’t know of anyone who did it earlier. They were a highly influential producer duo and one of my favorite projects of all time. Along with Wolfgang Voigt, Kotai+Mo from the Elektro Music Department, Drexciya and B12, they ruled the 90ies.

#48 Arpanet

The third Detroit Electro project involving Gerald Donald to make it into the Top 100.

#47 IsolĂ©e

Popular Microhouse artist from Frankfurt.

#46 Terrence Parker

Gospel House producer from Detroit.

#45 Pye Corner Audio

Hauntology (this is a genre I haven’t heard of before) producer producer from UK.

#44 D.I.E.

Detroit In Effect is a Techno Bass and Detroit Electro duo from, well, Detroit. They made many great tracks like Space Travel and Other People, but this is also a great one:

#43 Patrick Cowley

One of the most prolific Space Disco and Hi-NRG producer from USA. He did the famous 15 minutes version of Donna Summer’s mega-hit I Feel Love (I had this on vinyl on one time). I always listen to the epic Going Home when leaving the hospital after a longer stay. Crowley wrote the track shortly before dying of AIDS in 1982.

#42 Blue Knights

Relaxing Chillout and Smooth Jazz band.

#41 Steffi

The first female solo artist to appear in this list. Steffi produces some of the world’s most beautiful Tech House tracks and does also Dutch Electro.