Following are the #40 to #31 of my top 100 artists from 2018.

#40 Gosub

Formerly from Brooklyn but now living in Miami, Gosub is another fantastic nu electro artist to make this list. Having released on some of the most respected labels like Frustrated Funk, he blends “his love for Electro-Funk, Jazz and Techno” to create gorgeous music.

#39 Cerrone

Cerrone is an “iconic and influential” disco and dance pop producer from France. His song Supernature was an international hit, charting in many Countries including the USA.

#38 Sounds from the Ground

Ambient dub pioneers from the UK.

#37 DynArec

We had Dynatron before, but DynArec is something completely different – known for his “often playful Drexciya-esque electro”, Strasburg’s DynArec is the Sun King of Nu Electro.

#36 Octave One

A Band consisting of five brothers from Detroit, delivering solid Techno for more than two decades.

#35 Drexciya

The two members of Drexciya already appeared several times on this list: Gerald Donald (Der Zyklus, Ectomorph and Arpanet) and James Stinson (The Other People Place and Transllusion). With Drexciya they had their well deserved international breakthrough in the mid 90s.

#34 DJ 3000

Deep Techno producer from Detroit.

#33 Galaxy Hunter

Spacesynth duo from Poland.

#32 DJ Assault

Ghetto Tech producer, most famous for the iconic booty anthem Ass-N-Titties. Here’s another great track:

#31 Duplex

Dutch duo producing some fine deep techno and electro.