We’ve reached the Top 30 of my most scrobbled electronic artists of 2018. Here are the next ten acts.

#30 Laserdance

Laserdance is a Dutch Spacesynth duo that started in 1984.

#29 Dopplereffekt

Gerald Donald’s and his wife Michaela To-Nhan Bertel’s legendary detroit electro project.

#28 Kit Watkins

Progressive-ambient-jazz artist from Vermont.

#27 Session Victim

Electronic act from Germany.

#26 Rhythm & Sound

The same guys as Basic Channel, extending the dub techno sound with techno dub. Absolutely fantastic, I used to listen to their stuff in the nights during my hospital stays, when my neighbor was snoring.

#25 Proxyon

Dutch Spacesynth project.

#24 Morphology

Finnish Nu Electro duo showing great talent.

#23 Megabyte

Great new age ambient and minimal synth band from Germany.

#22 Dancing Fantasy

Nice Ambient, Smooth Jazz and New Age Duo consisting of Christian Eitner and Ingo Meyer, who is also part of Blue Knights, another Smooth Jazz band that appeared earlier in this list.

#21 Harold Budd

Famous ambient and avant-garde composer from Los Angelos.