This is the last post before we reach the final top 10. Let’s look at the ranks 20 to 11.

#20 Brian Eno

The father of ambient music.

#19 Alec Empire

The father of digital hardcore.

#18 Hiroki Okano

According to he’s one of the front runner in New Age, Ambient and Ethnic Music  in Japan.

#17 The Exaltics

German Nu Electro and Techno producer.

#16 Mitch Murder

Swedish synthwave producer who was involved in the Kung Fury soundtrack.

#15 Alpha Wave Movement

Space Ambient project.

#14 Jonn Serrie

Another Space Ambient project.

#13 Plastikman

Minimal Techno innovator from Canada.

#12 Peter Mergener

New age ambient producer, better known from the band Software.

#11 The Meters

The Meters defined New Orleans funk and their sound “provided the basis for much of the funk and hip-hop of the ’80s and ’90s”.

Next Week we look at the TOP 10!