Esca-chan is a young 19 year old producer from Brazil. Despite his age he has a vast number of releases. I count nine albums and about a dozen singles and EPs. But that’s only considering stuff released under his Esca-chan moniker. He has about the same number of output with his other projects Cement Tea, Shovelware, Triple Discharge and Unicode Dreamer.

With so much stuff out at this age, one might wonder if he puts quantity before quality. But whoever listens to his stuff will realize this ain’t so. His newest Grasswall EP has just been released on the russian netlabel Intox Noize. It consists of four beautiful tracks inspired by chiptune and big beat. Much has been going on in the breakcore community since I stopped paying attention to it in the mid 00s. The existence of producers like Esca-chan is an indication that things have changed for the better in the meantime and that creativity and originality are once again a driving factor. It really makes me want to explore all the stuff I missed out on in the last ten years or so. There are even new subgenres like lolicore.

You can download Grasswall EP for free on bandcamp.