Your enthusiasm about this is probably limited, but recently, I reached 150’000 scrobbles. Scrobbling is a way to keep track of what you listen to. I created my account on the 25. July 2005, back then it wasn’t called but audioscrobbler and they had a stand-alone radio app where you could enter a tag or artist and it would play tracks appropriate to what you’ve entered. Since then, I basically only listen to stuff that I can scrobble. If I have audio files that aren’t properly tagged, I either tag them or simply don’t listen to the stuff. I also only use streaming services that can scrobble like Spotify. For example, I rarely use soundcloud because the scrobbling mechanism didn’t work reliably for me. I try scrobbling from soundcloud and other platforms in the near future again and will post the results here. In the meantime, here’s something I have recently scrobbled:

I envisaged that I add some more video-clips here, but just at this moment is down. I also have a scrobble app on my iPhone, right now I use QuietScrob, here’s the latest track I scrobbled with it.