In 2006 Nenad J., already known for his Moscow Disco party series, started the vinyl label Geilomat. The label seems to be defunct now as Nenad J. is focussing on his new label aerobik and the website is no longer available – but luckily it was archived by the Wayback Machine. Geilomat’s mission statement was “bringing up local, young, talented, and innovative music producers” and while the label was “interested in all flavors of electronic music”, its output was heavily skewed towards minimal techno. The label’s artists were Fan Erhalder, Alessandro Crimi, Bontempi and Nenad J. himself but I co-produced one track on Geilomat’s first release in 2007, a production I’m still somewhat proud of – though my contribution was mainly conceptual:

The B-side was a spaced out Electro Techno smasher:

The EP was mastered, like all subsequent releases too, by the famous Techno and Acid producer Robert Babicz. The second release came soon after in the same year, Sternenhimmel by Alessandro Crimi with a remix by Daniel Schneider.

A year later came Fan Erhalder’s second release for Geilomat, Zollamt Reloaded EP.

Two years later, in 2010, Bontempi delivered the final release, Bungalow with a remix by Canson. Bontempi is a producer and DJ collective, one of its members is Oliver Miescher, who worked for several years as a Kanal K music editor.

If I remember correctly, there were several Geilomat parties and I visited one that took place in Zurich’s Hive club.

While the label is defunct for some time now, there’s still a Geilomat sticker in Kanal K’s restroom and its myspace page is still available. (UPDATE: That sticker seems to have been replaced now by an aerobik sticker)

I think it would be great if Geilomat got revived as a digital or net label, but I guess Nenad J. is already busy with his new label aerobik (which will be featured later in this series). But couldn’t he at least make the catalog available on spotify?!