I recently started portraying labels that are within the vicinity of Kanal K’s (the radio station broadcasting our radio show) transmission area. This is the first post of a series briefly portraying electronic music labels which are beyond that coverage, i.e. of labels from all over the world.

I start with a label that I discovered only some weeks ago on twitter. It’s Intrauterin Recordings from Hamburg, run by baze.djunkiii. Besides running the label, he is also a producer as well as a DJ and as a music journalist, he has written guest reviews for the famous but now defunct German Techno magazine Raveline.

Intrauterin Recordings was started as a vinyl label exactly twenty years with an untitled 7″ release by Motec Registered. In the following six years there were four more vinyl releases. In 2000 came a promo LP by the band Spherical, limited to 348 unites, apparently consisting of “beautiful vocal Trip Hop / Electropop” tracks (haven’t heard it myself). Next was a joint release with Dhyana Records, the start of the Littlebrutalravebastards series, a techno and noise compilation. #6, the latest of this series was released as a cassette on Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse in 2014. After a break of four years, the label released Flat ‘n Bass / Insertion Force by Jens K. Flat ‘n Bass is a jungle track that with a sample of Mr Oizo’s famous Flat Beat. In following year the acid electro record Travelbox / 19 was released. The release was by Sascha Müller, the only artist on the label who is not directly from baze.djunkiii’s environment. After that the label tried to go new ways doing some digital only releases, something baze.djunkiii now regrets after having returned to a strict vinyl (and tape) only philosophy, an approach I haven’t encountered in over a decade.

Last autumn the label released another untitled 7″ vinyl, here’s an excerpt:

It’s by Combat Dub, a duo consisting of baze.djunkiii and Sascha Müller. You can find the label’s whole discography on discogs.

Intrauterin had a sublabel, Intrauterin Tapes that released drum’n’bass, uk garage mix-tapes, here’s some of its stuff: