Space Disco usually refers to an euro-disco variation that began in the late 70s. But in this millennium the name began to be applied also to a variant of deep house. Deep House is a genre originated by Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers in mid-80s. This post is about the newer sub-genre, I’ll cover the Euro Disco sub-genre at a later point.
It may tell something about a genre’s creativity or inventiveness, if those associated with it can’t come up with a name on their own, but maybe that’s a bit unfair, after all it’s only natural that words change or get additional meanings.
The reattributed version of Space Disco is said to “borrow heavily from underground disco, early Detroit techno and Italo disco”.

A classic of this sub-genre is Lindstrøm’s I feel space from 2005:

An interesting track called Søt Kløe produced by Prins Thomas was released as a bonus track on his Full Pupp label:

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, both from Norway, have done several releases together. Here’s one of those works, Boney M Down.

Also from Norway is Space Disco producer Todd Terje (not be confused with house legend Todd Terry), his most well known track is Inspector Norse.

Space Disco is heavily dominated by the Norwegian scene, so let’s stay for one more song in that country with Love In the Night by Skatebård. He was discovered by Prins Thomas and debuted on the laters Full Pupp label. Shortly thereafter he released on Get Physical and M.A.N.D.Y.

Next to Norway lies Sweden, from where our next artist comes – here is diskjokke with Rosenrød.

But of course the genre is not limited to Scandinavia, here’s a popular producer from france, Black Devil Disco Club with I Regret The Flower Power.

In the Netherlands, Danny Wolfers (best known as Legowelt) has done some Space Disco stuff. Here he is under the name Squadra Blanco with The Night Must Fall.

The last track is by the band Holy Ghost! from New York, they’re known for their neo-disco and poptron stuff. Here’s the Mock & Toof remix of the track Hold On.

In the next style report we will look at the west coast sound of holland.