Actually, I don’t know what Technolectro Pop is. I came across the term when I wrote the post about WestBam’s Beatbox Rocker video-clip. I guess it’s the pop version of Technolectro. But what is Technolectro? Obviously, some sort of blend between Techno and Electro. The German label Low Spirit uses this expression for their promotion.

So let‘s have a look at some acts that get categorized under this genre.

Mr. X and Mr. Y is a duo consisting of WestBam and Afrika Islam. Their most well known track was New World Order in 1998. The video clip’s visuals and the song’s lyrics about Monika Lewinsky and Bill Clinton are rather dated, but it still has a cool groove.

WestBam and Afrika Bambaataa released together the dystopian afro-futuristic track Agharta – The City Of Shamballa.

The Berlin duo Lexy & K-Paul is the most popular act associated with Technolectro Pop. They were on Low Spirit until 2007 when they started their own label.

DJ I.C.O.N. is another Low Spirit artist that fits this style. Here’s a track from the sublabel Electric Kingdom:

People apply this term rarely for projects outside the Low Spirit universe. But one exception is Random Factor, a project by Carl A. Finlow aka Sillicon Scally.