In the next slackjackerz radio show, if my health condition allows it, we celebrate 20kbps’ 16th anniversary with a mixed version of the 20kbps sweet sixteen compilation that just came out on l0bit. It will feature the tracks from the compilation and to spice things up, I’ll throw in some tracks that missed the compilation’s deadline. Here’s a short presentation of the additional artists that will appear on the show:

Duality Micro

Duality Micro is German producer Manfred Reckers who has released a techno ep on 20kbps back in 2007 under his other moniker Evade. As Duality Micro he appeared on two 20kbps compilations. Here’s a track he did with a Texas Instruments calculator using The Houston Tracker:

Indu Mezu

Indu Mezu is a noise, experimental and industrial producer from Russia. He has several releases on 20kbps.


jjoth hasn’t been on 20kbps yet, but he’s a well known artist in the lobit scene.



Erhalder is one of 20kbps earliest and most active artists. He has released under a plethora of monikers, among them Jimmy Slaughter, MC Ayrton Senna, Jacker Seppeli, Acid Gurke, Labortechniker, Gay and Sergio Stallone.

I hope k9d (aka starpause) and hertzcanary will also send something. We’ll see!

The 2h radio show will start on Friday, 18. January 2019, 22:00 (UTC +1) and the 1h 20kbps special will start either at 10pm or 11pm. In the other hour, Jimmy S.L. is playing a techno jack set. Due to my health condition, it is not sure if I actually can take part in the radio show. If not, the special will be postponed for February.

The Slackjackerz radio show is broadcasted on Kanal K and receivable on air and cable for listeners in Switzerland and over the internet for everybody else.