In a few hour we are back from the COVID-19 break and will broadcast live for the first time in a couple of months!

To celebrate this worthy occasion we have invited a special guest: Stahl aka Aunderwex aka Denner. Those of you who are with us for a long time, will remember him as a former co-host of this show. From the third or fourth show to the mid or late 00s he was dj-ing and moderating and organizing on a regular basis for this radio show. He also co-hosted with me the elektrotransmitter and synapse 3000 shows on Radio Radius, the Zurich campus radio station.

Since Stahl left us, he played at different small venues in Zurich and had several art exhibitions and performances. You can learn more about that on his website. Just a few months ago he did a very nice live gig at the Wunderkammer club here in Glattpark where I live.

His music has been released on 20kbps, Proc-Records, Reamp3 Underground, Abulia Concepts, Unicode Music, Stahlplatten and Trepok Rec., whose founder just sadly died the other week.

We are very glad to have him back for this special after over more than a decade without him! He will play a short but magnificent set of about 30 minutes with records he recently bought.

Then we have Sebastian Lindau back with us again. He will play another great solid techno set. It’s always a delight to have him with us. He’s dj-ing for about two decades now, as far as I know, and he has great knowledge of the techno and rave history which you can kinda feel this in his high quality sets.

Erhalder is of course also with us, organizing the whole broadcast and also playing some innovative techno set.

I for my part make a special dedicated to the new release by Erhalder & and me (as Acid Gert) that has come out on his digital label Bologna Jacks. It’s available since the first of this month on Spotify, BandCamp, Soundcloud and most of the other popular venues. It’s called 12 places to Jack – Season One. Season two, three and four will be released in July, August and September respectively. The tracks consist of polished versions of tracks from a live jam that we did in our Slackjackerz show last January. An edited version of the whole live jam has been played in an episode of the lobit radio show The Lowdown on Mad Wasp radio. At least I think it’s this jam, if not it will come out soon.

For the special I will play all three tracks of Season One but will use exclusive versions that you will not hear anywhere else! I will also play a sneak preview of Season Two and this will also be an exclusive version only to be heard in tonite’s Slackjackerz show. Apart from that I will play other tracks that erhalder & I did together. Tracks that have been released on labels like Nenad J.’s former Geilomat vinyl label, Genetic Trance and the netlabel Intox Noize, which sadly has closed recently after 11 years and 11 months and dramatically deleted the whole label catalog from the internet. I’ll also play a track called Sexycrime that I did together with Stahl but that has been remixed by erhalder. And I will play tracks from our joint projects daftN0!ze, Bioc (Borders instead of Creativity), Scoville, Analogues Legacy, Gemischter Chor Waldenburg and Christoph Blocher Orchester.
Next month I plan to make a special dedicated to Season Two of 12 Places to Jack where I play the Bologna Jacks label catalog. There have been five other cool releases before this one.

So I hope you will tune in tonite at 10 pm CET Summertime on Kanal K, to jack with us for three hours with style.